More about loans

Your Loan Shop is part of Leeds Credit Union and this means that we will take care to assess your loan. As a credit union we will carefully assess that you can afford the repayments. We can offer loans from £250 to £20,000.

To help us assess your application we may ask for additional information. When we confirm that your application has been successful we will send you a text message to say your loan agreement is ready for signing. We will then send your money to your bank account or to a credit union prepaid visa debit card provided by the credit union – we can set one up for you.

If you would prefer to post an application to us please contact us and we will help. As a credit union we will charge you considerably less in interest charges than many other ‘loan shops’ or lenders on the internet. This is because we work for our borrowers interests and not rich shareholders.

Sometimes Your Loan Shop and the credit union may not be able to accept an application. If this is the case Headrow Money Line, a sister company of the credit union, may be able to help.

If you already have debts and are struggling to manage the repayments here is some useful information


Your Loan Shop is a straightforward way to get your next Personal Loan

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